Join the Movement: Acquisition of the Future(TM)

Acquisition is the most powerful and underutilized lever in the federal government for finding efficiencies and driving results. We are all living the federal government's crisis, and yet, amazingly, despite the difficulties, there is tremendous passion, yearning, and hunger for something better to happen in acquisition. The crisis isn't a forcing function – a burning platform – for change, but rather an illuminating function – a beacon – shining light on the potential impact that acquisition can have, now and in the future.

But absent a clear vision and framework, many are grasping at straws to know how to make things better – working in an increasingly complex system and living in a fast and ever-changing world, the challenge can seem daunting. So many are taking on improvements that they hope will lead to something markedly different and better; but they stand alone and without a unifying view of or strong data showing how to actually achieve what they dream. The progress has been slow, and the frustration intense as there is both incredible motivation and paralyzing inertia in the system.

That's why we're creating a movement to envision what the "Big A" Acquisition function looks like, tomorrow and beyond. We're bringing together the brightest minds in industry and the most visionary leaders in government to ignite a spark and shine a light on the art of the possible.

In every crisis, there is an opportunity. Ours is to build a movement to lead the acquisition community in crafting the future. NOW IS THE TIME to take control of the future of this function – to regain our pride, empowerment, and confidence. It is time to rally and join together to craft tomorrow.

We call it Acquisition of the Future.
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